An introduction to Ormus – Orbitally Re-Arranged Mono-Atomic Elements

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Research into Ormus Gold was initiated by David Hudson’s rediscovery of unique minerals which he called monoatomic elements. The properties and characteristics of these minerals have become known and elaborated upon through the Internet community and are now commonly referred to as Ormus.  Ormus is also referred to as Orbitally Re-arranged Mono-atomic Elements. Ormus elements, including Ormus Gold, are minerals that appear to naturally occur and are likely directly associated with consciousness and life-force energy.  These minerals tend to be mis-identified using traditional scientific mineral analysis techniques.  The Ormus minerals may have been misidentified as carbon, silicon, iron, and/or calcium (as well as several other minerals).  The current approach to identify omus is to run a spectrographic analysis on a candidate ORMUS sample, then convert it metal and run the spectrographic analysis again. If the first spectrographic analysis shows no metal and the second shows metal then we have identified an ORMUS element.

The ormus is naturally-occurring, and can be found in ocean water, the air, and in all living creatures to some degree, particularly vegetables and fruits grown in healthy, organic, natural soil. You have ormus in your body, and there is ormus in uncooked food. Ormus is reduced in food when it is heated above 103 F. Some fruits and vegetables contain higher concentrations of ormus than others, for example, noni fruit, which is found wild in the Pacific, and aloe vera.  As with all minerals, the concentration of ormus in plants is directly related to the concentration of ormus in the soil, which is why organic produce is considered better for you (more life force energy) than conventionally-produced food.

The fringe scientists doing research in this area suspect that monoatomics exist in more than one dimension, not just the physical reality, and that this substance was being manufactured alchemically by both the Egyptians and the Taoists, in the form of white gold powder.

Some experimentation is being done creating concentrated ormus products in liquid or powder form. There is a process to extract the monoatomics from fresh ground water, for example, by creating a vortex with magnets to separate the monoatomics from the water and siphon them off. Such a process results in a concentrated, oily sweet liquid that is equivalent to drinking ~400 glasses of water at once. Currently on the internet you can buy this water as well as various concentrations of different ormus elements, that have different effects on the body.
Monoatomics are suspected to stimulate positive changes at DNA level on all material things, both plants and humans. It is being tested by alternative scientists for its effects in curing illnesses in humans such as MS and cancer. There are natural, safe forms to ingest ormus in, such as noni fruit and juice, which taste horrible due to their sulphur content, but have strong healing properties.

Due to the experimental nature of the ormus that is being developed in concentrated solutions, its properties are still not fully understood. It is suspected that it has actions in non-physical dimensions. Many people suspect that ormus itself is a very high-vibration substance with its own lifeforce and consciousness. It is suspected to raise one’s vibration when coming into contact with it. Some have claimed to witness monoatomics manifest and disappear from within a bottle.  Some claim it has no effects or special properties whatsoever. Others claim they took it in large one-time doses and it had devastating effects on them.

For the most part, it appears that ormus vibrates at a much higher level than humans normally do.  However, this also leads to problems if it is ingested by people who do not have a strong meditation background. As one’s energetic state speeds up, vibratory rate increases, and the manifesting powers of the mind increase. If one does not have significant control over their thoughts, and if one has not done significant purification of negativity within their body-mind, the individual will create physical manifestations which reflect the negativity and fear-states of the mind.

Some people have sought after ormus looking for instant enlightenment or a curious trip. There are a few accounts on the internet of people creating seriously unpleasant situations in their lives by ingesting ormus.  These situations generally occur when: 1) they ingested extremely large doses of the powder form, 2) they attempted to extract the substance at home without any chemistry background and inadvertently poisoned themselves by using industrial lye instead of food-grade lye, or 3) they ingested extremely large amounts in a short period of time and had no history of prior cleansing, nor a strong meditation background.
This area of research is being explored by a very small group of experienced chemists, and all ormus products are currently in the research and development stages. You incur a substantial risk in purchasing this product over the internet, as there is currently no standardization so you could get something completely benign or even unsafe by a producer you do not know or trust. Furthermore, there has been no substantial testing as to the safety or efficacy of this product.

There are plenty of risk-free ways to increase the amount of ormus in your body: pranayama yoga (increased intake of breath), sun-gazing at sunrise and sunset, inhaling the air at the ocean’s coast, and increasing the amount of organic raw fruits and vegetables you are ingesting. Introducing superfoods into your diet, like shots of noni and aloe vera, are also safe and give you a large ormus boost. This will allow you to have the benefits of increased life force, without putting yourself in any situation of risk whatsoever.