Aligned Chakra, Energy Healing

Clearing Chakras – A Step Toward Healing


Energetic healing is focused on improving the energetic body and through it affecting the physical body.  The energetic body is finely inter-meshed with the physical body.The meridian of the energetic body have been well studied in acupuncture.  The energetic pathways in the body and the nervous system are highly correlated, sometimes they travel exactly along the same paths.  Prana, Chi or aetheric energy is known to travel around electrically conductive material.  This dense meshing of meridians have central meeting points, these central points are referred to as chakras.  The body has many minor chakras and seven major chakras.   The major chakras are at the anus, the sexual organs, the belly button, the center of the chest, the throat, the forehead, and the top of the head. 

The meridians in conjunction with the chakras can be thought of as a secondary circulatory system.  This is circulatory system moves prana, or chi around the body and feeds it with the life force.  Contrary to general scientific consensus the cells need more than just nutrients, and oxygen, and a functioning waste disposal system to thrive; those are the ingredients for temporary survival. Without, prana or chi no life can exist.  Human beings need large parks, or streams full of prana, or some other source of positive energy to thrive.  The lack of prana renders us dull to life, we slowly begin to fade like a recently cut rose.   Inside the human body, if the energetic circulatory system is not properly functioning the cells also slowly lose their will to live. 

A human being is not really a single entity, a human is the sum of billions of living cells.  All these cells are individual with an extraordinarily simple consciousness; however they are also part of one human being.   It is a bit strange to think of our cells as individual living beings, beings which may at times act crazy, get depressed, die, or be ecstatic.   The cartoon “Osmosis Jones” was the not very subtle explanation of this fact.  However, many took the metaphor a bit too lightly, our body is filled with a universe of beings working together so that the body we call ours can function.  As our cells feel their mirco-bliss, we in turn start to feel good.

A good way of ensuring the cells feel good is to clear the energetic circulatory system.  Acupuncture is one method of clearing the meridians and can do wonders when performed by a skilled acupuncturist.  Energy movements such as tai-chi is another method, however extreme discipline and a strong understanding and interaction with the prana or chi is necessary for excellent results.  Some other methods are taking ormus, kundalini yoga or chakra meditation.   The last three methods can be very effective however they have their risks.  Often the energetic body is plagued by energetic blocks at various points.  Like in clogged pipes increasing the water pressure may force the clogged material out of the pipe, however if the pipes are weak they may get damaged.  Being conscious of this possibility makes practicing the last three methods a lot safer, as people refrain from overdoing it.  Listen to your body. 

Another approach is through resonance.  In this approach the appropriate energetic program is provided to the cells and the body’s meridians and the blocks in turn dissolve.  This takes place in a manner similar to how sound may cause a wine glass to shatter.  If the sounds is the correct pitch and loud enough the glass shatters.  In the body’s energy pathways the energy needs to be tuned to produce a release of the block; the extent of the release is often dependent on the power of the healing energy.