Orgone Devices an Introduction


Orgone is a term coined by Wilhelm Reich to describe (Chi-Energy, Bio-Energy, Life Energy, animal magnetism, personal magnetism, and PRANA ).  He discovered the orgone energy while studying basic single cell life forms.   Orgone devices attempt to tap and manipulate this energy for various purposes.  Orgone devices are generally used to create a sense of well-being or counter some of the negative effects of un-harmonic orgone.

Orgone devices take many forms.  Some are similar to what Willian Reich originally created.  Other such as the holy-hand grenade (HHG) are pyramid like structures designed to work with Orgone and the earths fields.

William Reich in is research showed that Life Energy, which he called Orgone energy, is a primordial cosmic energy. It is universally present and it can be demonstrated visually, thermically, electroscopically and by means of Geiger-Mueller counters.  Orgone was everywhere and Reich measured this energy-in-motion over the surface of the earth. He even determined that its motion affected weather formation.

He performed various experiments to manipulate Orgone energy using physical devices.  In 1940, Wilhelm Reich constructed the first device to accumulate orgone energy: a six-sided box constructed of alternating layers of organic materials (to attract the energy) and metallic materials (to radiate the energy toward the center of the box). People would sit inside the accumulator and absorb orgone energy through their skin and lungs.  Various other devices have been constructed in later years using William Reich’s work as their basis. 

At the time the scientific community viewed many concepts generally associated with eastern philosophy such as PRANA as quackery.  This may have played a role in the inability of the scientific community to confirm his discoveries.  Other scientists have discovered energy with similar characteristics but called it by a different name.  Another scientist is the Russian Nicolai Kozyrev who called this substance the torsion field, and the area of science is called torsion field physics.

The main difference between Orgone devices and Radionics is Orgone devices attempt to accumulate orgone passively (They do not require external electricity).  Radionics devices are amplifiers,  that use electricity.

In his will William Reich asked for his works to be sealed for 50 years until 2007.  He is thought to have believed that the plant would be at this time ready to understand his discoveries.