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Overcoming Stress with Energy Healing Tools


Stress is an epidemic in modern day societies. In the past stress was seen for what it is a health condition detrimental to your health. Doctors would prescribe rest to people who were under stress. However, at some point modern society has adopted the disposable employee syndrome. This is almost a direct consequence of having a disposable culture. A culture where items in the physical world have no value unless they are new. A culture where items are designed to last only 5 years, as no one would value it for longer. This same way of thinking has slowly spread from things to people. This direction has been slowly pushed subtly and gently each year that is has almost gone un-noticed. In this disposable culture stress makes sense, as it provides short term increases in productivity. Over the long term people find themselves, depressed, with family breakdowns occurring, health issues, and finally an inability to do work. However, not all people are as negatively affected by stress. As with all things some people have a higher tolerance. Some people have a higher tolerance to alcohol, others can be in extremely polluted cities and stay strong. However, each time we engage in a behavior which is not life affirming the deck is slowly being stacked against us.

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This disposable culture thrives on stress as the cost of stress is never seen. The people who fall out of the workforce are collateral damage, quickly replaced by societies children. The disposable society works very well so long as people have children that may replace them as they become sick. As such, how do we protect ourselves from stress. The first step is to take another look at stress. We live in a very material world so all things are looked at from the perspective of chemical interactions in biology. Even emotional states and consciousness are constantly being looked at from the narrow perspective of chemistry. When electricity was “discovered”, it was truly revolutionary for it was the first inkling that the world may not be so physical after all. Up until then the concept of electricity was only known in mystical circles. Upon discovering electricity many hidden processes of the body were better understood, however chemistry remained the fundamental worldview. This is why most ailments are treated through chemistry.

There is a fundamental problem with treating ailments through chemistry as opposed to electricity, magnetism, and other energy healing tools. The chemical process is not the cause of the issue but rather a symptom. The physical imbalance experienced in the body is a direct result of the chemistry that is our of balance. An example of this is when a person gets scared, immediately their adrenaline gets produced in the body. The adrenaline the produces an outcome in the functioning of the body, the heart would start to beat faster and work harder, the blood flow to the muscles would increase, there would be an increase in alertness. This increase in adrenaline in the body can be overcome by applying another drug. However, the fundamental issue is the bodies belief that it needs to defend itself and produce adrenaline. In terms of immediate crisis uses a drug is most effective as the reaction is immediate, however for long term balance looking at the source of the issue may be more effective. In the case of adrenaline the source is fear, sometimes the fear is imagines sometimes the fear is real. In the case of imagined fear at times a psychologist or a spiritual counselor can be most helpful. In the case of real fear, changing our situation is often the best approach; to run away.

So for stress what is the cause. There is a general belief being propagated by the disposable society that stress is psychological. In other words, it is no different from fear; a natural response to a perceived life threatening situation. This perceived fear can be simply altered by changing ones perspective. The thinking is we should be comfortable sleeping beside the lion, so much effort is placed in psychiatry to numb people to stress. The issue with this approach is stress is not just a psychological phenomena it also has an energetic component. Sometimes, the English language already had answers layered in the names give for things, and their connections. Stress is also used to describe physical phenomena, when steel is pushed repeatedly beyond certain limits it is called stressed. Stresses steal loses its ability to flex and becomes much more likely to break, people call this effect metal fatigue. However, if stress were an imagined effect and then bending of the metal had really no permanent effect metal fatigue would not occur. Human have the same behavior, when we go through stress we flex and we bend. The level of stress each person can endure depends on many factors, however dealing well with stress does not guarantee that fatigue won’t occur. It is very hard to determine what the breaking point is. Unlike metals which we can scientifically catalog to determine how much stress they can handle for people there isn’t really a way. In addition to today’s society glorifies people’s ability to handle stress as a result everyone tries to flex beyond their capacity and most break.

Meditation and Balance in Office

So, how do we overcome stress. Looking at the energy of stress is a great place to start. Sometimes it is best to see something through contrast. Have you ever gone on a vacation in a beautiful relaxing environment and had to work while on vacation on a project with a critical deadline. Haven’t you noticed that other than the frustration of having to work on vacation the stress seemed less intense. How can that be!

If stress is really only due to being placed in psychologically challenging situations how can that be. When going on holiday there is a different energetic environment, everyone’s thoughts are focused on relaxing, peace, trying to create harmony or just have fun. In such an environment, even when working on something with a very tight schedule the experience of stress is much milder. The experience of stress is milder because the energetic component of the stress is no longer there. Stress is also an energy not just an emotion or a physical state or psychological state.

So, how is the energetic energy of stress created. It is created by us. This is why some offices feel so toxic, these offices are energetic soups of stress. The culture in these offices create an psyhcological state, that causes people to have certain though patters which then produce a certain energy field. The energy field produced is dis-harmonious, mechanical, and violent.

When you enter such an energy field the reverse process takes place

  • First the body experiences the dis-harmonious energy of stress
  • Next the body independent of the mind reacts to the energy and causes muscles to tense.
  • The brain through resonance slowly start to match the energetic thought patterns in the environment
  • The body becomes less balances as the brainwaves loose there coherence
  • The emotions become more fear oriented.
  • The bodies physiology and chemistry start to change.

It is in the state where the bodies physiology and chemistry start to change that once is really starting to experience stress. As just like with a metal the flexing produced may cause fatigue and the metal might break.

To be free of stress the key is primarily to be free of the energy of stress. Of-course physical stress can also occur by working very long hours. However, the first step is to either change environment to be free of the energy of stress or use an energy healing tool strong enough to transmute the energy of stress being created by the people in the work environment. The challenge is people in general are excellent and producing energetic transmissions. We are constantly layering our environment with energies which generally match our thoughts and sub-conscious states.

The energy of stress is a dis-harmonious fear centered energy with some components of sometimes psychic attacks from other threatened co-workers. Energy healing tools may be used to improve the energetic causes of stress. To deal with these out of balance energies the first place to start is to use something whose property is to harmonize energy. Just like a tuning fork an energy harmonizer will produce more coherence in the energy around you. Another approach which is quite common is to use a pyramid. However, pyramids are better at reversing DNA damage and bringing the body in some kind of stasis state than clearing the energies associated with stress, or harmonizing psychic energies. Radionics could also be used, but generally radionics devices add rather than remove or harmonize. They introduce a frequency to create a desired effect similar to how homeopathic remedies function. In addition with Radionics the practitioner should be quite skilled. Crystals may be used to harmonize a space. The goal when trying to improve the energies related to stress is to create a more harmonious environment. The goal is coherence, but harmonious coherence.

One energy healing device which have found to be quite effective with work place energies is the Geocleanse.