Picking an Energy Healing Tool


Picking an energy healing tool can be quite tricky.  The first problem people encounter while trying to pick an energy healing tool is that they are not energetically sensitive.  However, they are many more problems.  Unlike, when you are picking electronic equipment they are no reviews to go by.  This site is trying to somewhat help with that problem, but the help is coming along at its own pace.  In addition, there aren’t any specification or any all encompassing number which can be used to gauge the effectiveness of an energy healing tool.  Energy healing tools are not all the same, some use light, some use sound, some use prana directly so comparing them becomes even more tricky.  Another issue I what kind of healing are you looking for, emotional, psychological, adjusting your energy body, or directly affecting a physical health condition.  Even though, it may be challenging picking an energy healing tool is something most people can do.

Most people are not sensitive to the aetheric or pranic energies which pervade the earth, even though these energies are still physical.  However sensitivity is just the degree of awareness someone has.  Let me provide an example, most people would not notice a mosquito landing on their arm.  However, if they mention the west nile virus has been found in your area you would quickly become more sensitive.  All that would happen is more effort would be placed to become aware of the physical sensations on the body and swat the mosquito before it gets a chance to bite.  Of course there are limits to how sensitive a person can become, due to the density of nerve endings in a location of the body and the thickness of the skin.  Most peoples are much more sensitive to things on their skin than to energies around them.  The first step in becoming more sensitive is just becoming more aware.  Go to the city center in the business district and see how you feel, then go to crowded market, a poor neighborhood, a rich neighborhood, a park, a large dense forest.  Each of these locations will have a very different feeling.  The feeling you experience in these neighborhoods is a result of the energies present.  Different types of energies produce the feelings, however going into the details would be a bit too much.  Practicing feeling the energies in different locations enhances sensitivity.

The next step is to determine which tool works best for the job.  A bulldoze can be used to plant a home garden, but it might damage the house in the process.  Here is a quick overview of some of the types of energy healing tools and some of their uses.

Pyramids – Directing Earth Energies to Heal or Assist in Meditation
Sacred Geometry – Manifesting energies of various aspect of the universe.  Can produce many forms of energies however generally produces weak energies unless large devices are used. 

Radionics Devices – Electronically based pranic energy generation and manipulation.  Has been used in energetic healing, and assisting with farming.

Crystal Healing Tools – Allow mind energy to be more easily implanted in water and the human body.  The quality and type of the crystal is very important.  Crystals can also be used as a part of radionics, sacred geometry and other tools.

Rife Tools – Electrical healing.  Rife tools work directly with the electric nature of the body and all matter.  They use resonance to produce healing.

Orgone Tools – Used to accumulate, and clean pranic energy of various programmings.

Light Healing –  These are still relatively rare.  They are like rife machines except they use light for the healing.  Their potential effectiveness is higher.

Sound Healing – Sound healing works through resonance to heal the energy body.  Any ailment which is rooted in the energy body can be improved using this method.  The trick is finding the right sound.  Solfeggio healing frequencies fit in this category.

One manner to evaluate a tool is to compare it to a dense redwood forest. If it makes you feel like you are in a dense redwood forest, you hit the jackpot.