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Protection from Negative Energies in Your Neighborhood; Creating an Energetic Mote

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Some of us live in neighborhoods which don’t quite have the most uplifting energies.  In some case the energy is downright repressive; it stands in the way of you and your inner bliss.  Often we have been living in he neighborhood for so long that we are unaware of the quality of the energy; it has become a part of us and we a part of it.  One way to determine the effect of the energetic programming is to travel spend a week in a paradise resort.  This option might be to expensive for many of us, an alternative is to seek a dense forest within a natural park and stay there for a least an hour.

While in this park take deep breaths trying to breath in your surrounding, this will accelerate the process of clearing your old programming and accepting what the forest has to offer.  Notice which thoughts are going through your mind, other than how boring it is, and what a waste of time.  Then go back to your house and notice the difference.  There is nothing like tasting heaven to find out where you are.  Well, a dense forest is not quite heaven but it is a good start.  Pretty much all people will feel better in a dense forest especially if it has redwood trees.  However, for some the difference between the forest and home will be extreme.  It might almost feel like you are being emotionally assaulted after you get home.  Often when we get home, we blame the kids, the husband or the neighbor…  for how we feel.  Luckily, if the energies in your neighborhood are standing between you and your personal growth, there are some solutions which will make a nice difference.

Creating an energetic mote is quite straightforward however, most households don’t have the space or the resources to do it properly; pick and choose.  Here is a list of various isolation techniques.

  • Water Isolation
  • A Pranic wall of Trees
  • Salt Isolation
  • Sacred Geometry

Water Isolation
A great example of an energetic mote is the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia.  Anghor Watt used a water channel to isolate the temples.  Isolating your home with a water channel is very powerful, the wider the channel the better.  Flowing water and a wide channel would make the isolation quite good. 

A Pranic wall of Trees
Plant trees all around the house.  Redwood trees work best as they generate a peaceful energy which humans are receptive to.   However, it will take some time to grow so use older trees grown in a nursery.  Trees start to have a significant effect on the energy of a location at 15 years of age. 

Salt Isolation
Surround the house with salt.  Dig a trench 1-2 feet wide and 1-2 feet deep.  Place concrete in to line the trench for water isolation.  Fill the trench with salt and cover the trench with concrete to protect the salt from water. 

Sacred Geometry
Sacred geometry may also be used,  a decent understanding of some of the sacred geometry concepts would be helpful in setting it up correctly.  A nice start is to set up a sacred geometry painting on four inside walls of the house, preferably four extreme and opposing walls.  A good design is the 12 point tesseract.