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Radionics – A Brief History


Radionics is no yet a well publicized area of alternative medicine.  Yet it is one of the most powerful forms of machine assisted energy healing.

Modern radionics is often attributed to Dr Abrams.  At his time and even today many regarded him as a quack.  However to his credit the field of radionics is slowly and silently gaining momentum in alternative medicine.   Dr Abrams stumbled upon radionics while attempting to identify the relationship between disease and electricity.  He chose to measure the resistance of various organs under various conditions of health.  At the time the method used for rapid diagnosis, abdominal percussion, was quiet subjective however effective under expert hands.  Abdominal percussion is a diagnosis technique which involved tapping the chest of the patient and listening to the sound produced, it was a technique commonly used in his time.  During a fortuitous diagnosis of a patient Abrams noticed that the abdominal percussion of a lip cancer patient only produced the expected dull sound when the patient is facing west, in all other cases it produced a hollow sound.  After checking whether this effect was true for all cancers he called his discovery the Electronic Reactions of Abrams (ERA).

Abrams extrapolated that somehow the muscular fibres in the abdomen were being affected by the cancer in the patients lip and or other parts of his body.  He deduced that a field was being emitted by the cancerous cells which which affected the nervous fibres at a distance.  Various experiments were performed where a healthy person was connected to the field emitted by a variety of cancerous cells using a wire.  The abdominal percussion was performed and indeed the healthy patients behavior changed when subjected to the cancerous patients field.  He was basically exploring one of the foundations of energy healing, entrainment.  The method which Dr Abrams investigated became the foundation of radionics.  However instead of inducing disease, health is induced in the patients body.

As a result of his experimentation Abrams compiled some theories.  The list of these theories are sometimes referred  to as Abrams Laws:

  • All matter emits some form of radiation.
  • The radiation emitted is determined by the composition of the matter.
  • The radiation induces impulses on the nervous system and in turn the nervous system transports the information
  • The radiation is a from of electromagnetic energy
  • Thought influences this radiation and thought is also a form of electromagnetic energy

The initial machines built by Abrams were relatively rudimentary in nature.  Ruth Drown improved upon Abrams machines and made them more precise, and useful.  She introduced treatment at a distance by realizing that the field generated by matter did not require wires.  From her experimentation she expanded upon Abrams observations on the aetheric field on which radionics operates and created her own theories:
She determined that radionics is based on resonance, is vibratory in nature and this vibration is present in all things.

  • The frequency can be tuned into using a machine, such as the radionics machines.
  • The frequency is produced by a single common source, a zero point.
  • The frequency of all things is holographic and present everywhere, all that is required to treat a patient is to capture there frequency and pass it through a radionic instrument.

Ruth Drown moved radionics further into the domain of machine assisted energy healing.  George Delawarr in the early 50’s added his contribution to radionics, “Base 10 Radionics”.  He further anchored radionics as the science which deals with the relationship between mind and matter.  Or mind and the physical manifestation of mind.  Some of the later figures in the development of radionics are Maclom Rae.  In the mid 70’s he surmised that a numbers and geometry can express any thought.  In the early 80’s Jaco Malan a homeopath determined that all homeopathic remedies were actually a form of radionics. 

Even though much work has been done in the field of radionics it remains in it infancy, and requires a highly skilled practitioner in addition with a well built machine.