Inspiration in Nature

The Spark Of Inspiration


Points:  Where does (or where can) it come from?  How important is it?  What’s the process for creating your own inspiration?  What does divine inspiration feel like?  Are biorhythms a factor in determining inspiration?  What’s the relationship between inspiration, motivation and passion?  How can one become demotivated?

I’d like to start off this series of articles by writing about something which is, for many, one of the initial sparks that drives us to enact positive change either in our own life, the lives of a few, or the lives of many.  I’m speaking, here, of inspiration.  I’d like to explore what inspiration is, from where it comes and how we can make the best use of this powerful force.
Inspiration is the fuel that drives us to act or to move.  It is oftentimes a result of our own vision of better things to come if we follow through with a particular course of action — this end result being known as a goal.  Inspiration is something that’s genuine and can feel very nurturing; it’s not driven by guilt or desperation or any other outside force, but purely by your own vision of something better – something which you find in some way extraordinarily beautiful. 
It’s difficult to express in words how inspiration feels on a physical level.  It’s simply one of those things which the English language is not very well designed to be able to convey.  But, I will do my best to make the attempt. 
Personally, the process feels something like this… it starts as some sort of experience (a thought, word, deed, etc) which provides the initial spark.  This is cultivated, for me, by clarifying it in my mind and giving it more substance.  This is where it starts – the mind.
From there, it moves down into the chest, the heart-intelligence center, where it’s propelled through emotion to grow even more.  It’s at this point that love and creative desire envelop that initial spark.
Finally, it continues moving downward into the chi center where the fiery furnace of the power stored there will set it ablaze and ignite the passion which you can feel throughout your entire body.
This creative force, initially a tiny spark within you, has now developed into an ardent passion. It now seeks to be expressed and to be expressed now.  I urge you to explore this right away so that you may get the most out of that initial burst of forward momentum that it provides. 
For inspiration, as well as passion, (like any fire) will inevitably die out if not nurtured or fueled properly.  In order to keep it burning within you, you must stoke it every once in a while.  For this, you can do many things.  Here are just a few ideas:

Keep a journal
Refer to inspirational quotes
 Make a vision board
Meditate on your goals
Confer with others who share your passion

Keeping a journal – If you’re the journaling type, this can be a great resource to help you to find clarity in your thoughts.  A journal is, in a way, a wise friend that is always there to listen and to guide you.  Its memory is perfect and always readily available whenever you want to call on it.
Referring to inspirational quotes – I’ve often found quotes to be of tremendous benefit in stirring the embers of inspiration.  Some of my favorites are by T.S. Eliot, Henry David Thoreau, Kahlil Gibran, and Edgar Allan Poe among others.  Your favorite quotes can be recorded in your journal for easy reference later on.
Making a vision board – A vision board has become a popular tool for manifestation for it keeps the mind’s attention on your desires and aspirations if used properly.  It is, quite simply, a board upon which you imaginatively compose a mosaic, in any which way you desire, that illustrates your various dreams whether they be spiritual, financial, physical, or for finding that special someone.
Meditate on your goals – This can be a great way to “clear away the cobwebs”, so to speak, in times of doubt or frustration.  A skilled meditator can rise above the fog which seeps out and serves to obfuscate that which you desire.  From this place, the haze departs and clarity sets in.
Conferring with others… – I advise this last suggestion only if you are sure of your dreams and of those who share in them for visionary ideals can be radically different amongst one’s friends.  A friend, even one with the best intentions, can serve to destroy one’s hopes and dreams with only a few sharp words.  However, the friend who’s passion for your dream mirrors your own can magnify your enthusiasm and may also be a source of wisdom to help steer that dream through troubled waters.