bio energy pendant

BioEnergy Pendant Review

The internet is littered with pendants to assist you with your energetic support. As the world grows increasingly complex they are need for mobile energetic support grows. The sources of interference that distract us from our being and state of calm are varied. There is dirty electricity, the noise present on electric wires from other […]

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water butterfly

Resonance and Healing

Resonance – Is a term often used in both the spiritual world and the scientific community.  Resonance is the bridge between these two world it is what allows them to start understanding each other. Now what is resonance. If you look on wkipedia you will ge the nice long and somewhat dificult to decifer description:  […]

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Blue Mandala

An Introduction to Radionics

Radionics is a method of diagnosis and treatment of a living body no matter where they are in the world. The practitioners utilize specially designed instruments which helps them determine the underlying causes of disease within that living body – human, animal, plant, or the soil itself. Fundamental principle of radionics is that a living […]

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