An introduction to Ormus – Orbitally Re-Arranged Mono-Atomic Elements

Research into Ormus Gold was initiated by David Hudson’s rediscovery of unique minerals which he called monoatomic elements. The properties and characteristics of these minerals have become known and elaborated upon through the Internet community and are now commonly referred to as Ormus.  Ormus is also referred to as Orbitally Re-arranged Mono-atomic Elements. Ormus elements, […]

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Orgone Devices an Introduction

Orgone is a term coined by Wilhelm Reich to describe (Chi-Energy, Bio-Energy, Life Energy, animal magnetism, personal magnetism, and PRANA ).  He discovered the orgone energy while studying basic single cell life forms.   Orgone devices attempt to tap and manipulate this energy for various purposes.  Orgone devices are generally used to create a sense of […]

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Tesla Tower

Radionics – A Brief History

Radionics is no yet a well publicized area of alternative medicine.  Yet it is one of the most powerful forms of machine assisted energy healing. Modern radionics is often attributed to Dr Abrams.  At his time and even today many regarded him as a quack.  However to his credit the field of radionics is slowly […]

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Aligned Chakra, Energy Healing

Clearing Chakras – A Step Toward Healing

Energetic healing is focused on improving the energetic body and through it affecting the physical body.  The energetic body is finely inter-meshed with the physical body.The meridian of the energetic body have been well studied in acupuncture.  The energetic pathways in the body and the nervous system are highly correlated, sometimes they travel exactly along […]

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Picking an Energy Healing Tool

Picking an energy healing tool can be quite tricky.  The first problem people encounter while trying to pick an energy healing tool is that they are not energetically sensitive.  However, they are many more problems.  Unlike, when you are picking electronic equipment they are no reviews to go by.  This site is trying to somewhat […]

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