The ARK Crystal

Ark Crytals – Energy Healing Crystal through resonance

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The Ark crystal is a remarkable product. It is the brainchild of Nassim Haramein. Nassim Haramein is well known for his many lectures on scared geometry and he appears to have combined all his experiences to synthesize the Ark Crystal. He is not known for energy healing crystals, but the Ark Crystal certainly is an energy healing device. It combines sacred geometry with crystals to combine into a remarkable energy healing crystal. The crystal reminds us of the days of Atlantis and Lemuria when crystals were not mere rocks but advanced tools that had many functions. These crystals could be used as power sources and power cities, they could be used to assist with amplifying the peoples psychic abilities, they could also assist in healing.

The Ark crystal is designed around the concepts of resonance, sacred geometry, and alignment. Sacred geometry allows objects to interact with the universe, to channel various aspects of the universe in the desired manner. A key example of how sacred geometry has function is the antenna commonly used by TVs and other wireless systems. These antennas are shaped a particular way to achieve the desired effect. As an example, when switching from analog TV to digital TV, the type of antenna changes, as the frequency and type of signal being received changed.

The same concept we use with antenna to resonate with various frequencies is used by light. When we talk of light it is not limited to visible light. In the same manner as with antennas and discs, such as satellite discs, particular shapes are very well suited to channel light into the desired space. These work almost like a prism. The most famous of these shapes which have power is of course the pyramid of Giza.

Nassim Haramein on the Ark Crystal

There has been much talk about water and the importance of the pattern which the water molecules take. Studies investigating the healing and beneficial aspects of coherent water show a capacity to maintain or restore balance to reduce the presence of chaos and degeneration. It has been found that coherent water is a major contributor in providing people with an environment where the body can thrive. Formation of a super-coherent biological plasma-like physiological water is considered one of the most important characteristics of a healthy physiological state.

Coherent Water Research by Akloma Science

This coherence is really just patterning, which in turn is scared geometry at the molecular scale. The Ark Crystal is also precisely that, sacred geometry at the molecular scale. Healing crystals which are random and non-coherent have already shown much benefit, however fully coherent energy healing crystals allow us to fully benefit from the properties of crystals.

The Ark Crystal can be seen as a mini Buddha fully focused on maintaining its alignment. Its alignment being determined by the pattern of the crystal. Then the energy healing crystal slowly clears the space through resonance. All energies around are constantly interacting with eachother. Normally, this interaction is a sea of chaos, as most people are not connected with the universe. The Ark Crystal slowly and gently aligns the frequencies it comes into contant with similar to how a tuning fork can be made to make another tuning fork vibrate. We as human vibrate in resonance, with the Ark Crystal because it is harmonizing the room with our natural frequency.

Another amazing property of using crystal is as they interact with sound, energy they may transmute this energy into light or electricity. The Ark Crystal are a really interesting piece of energy healing tech, and we look forward to seeing more of the and reviewing them