Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor

Pyradyne’s Nuclear Receptor, A Pleiadian energy healing device


The nuclear receptor is quite a unique device. It was mid-wifed by Dr Fred Bell. The nuclear receptor deflects negative energies by strengthening the bodies natural auric field. It assists the protection against free radicals by biasing the body to be negatively ionized making free radicals less likely to occur. It assist the user to balance their aura’s by selecting a crystal with the right complementary frequency. The vast majority of energy healing devices normally use platonic solids sacred geometry, crystals, orgone techniques, radionic or a combination of these. The Nuclear receptor is a way is a combination of sacred geometry and crystals but it appears to be so much more. The nuclear receptor is designed to assist with a vast array of issues which may affect quality of life.

The design of the nuclear receptor is most radical. It looks like a satellite dish filled with with mini pyramids of various sized in an expanding pattern away from the center crystal. Each of these small pyramids have a slit within them almost as if to create a resonant cavity. If we removed all the pyramids and the patterns on surface of the pendant it clearly looks like a dish. This is precisely what the pyradyne receptor is, it is a dish. Satellite dishes are today quite common, they work by reflecting radio frequencies to a singular point. This allows the collection area for the radio frequencies to be bigger than the receiver. As, all these collected energies are collected and focused on one reciever the size and sensitivity of the receiver receives a better signal. In order to hear or receive weaker signal from further away bigger dishes are used. Some of these large dishes are quite popular for radio antennas that listen to the universe for beings from other planets, or the music of the stars.

All these antenna’s used by conventional science listen for a certain known type of wavelength and in a known frequency range. In addition, the only way it is conventionally understood to make a better antenna is to make a bigger antenna. The pyradyne receptor seems like magic precisely because it is a better antenna which is not a bigger antenna. The story of how the pyradyne receptor came to be may shed some light onto why its design is so unconventional. In his book “The Promise”, Dr Fred Bell shed light on the history behind the Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor as well as his life and that of his lineage. The Promise is a most interesting book. The first receptor was of Pleiadian design. This receptor was significantly more powerful and had some mind bending properties, it was gifted to Dr Fred Bell by a Pleiadian named Semjase. It was gifted as a means to assist Dr Fred Bell to create a replica of the device, one which is not as challenging to the human society. A nuclear receptor that could not be mis-used but would gradually assist the wearer to slowly refine their state of being and consciousness. Dr Fred Bell was given teaching as well as instructions for the development of the Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor. The unique feature of this Pleiadian assisted design is the Pyradyne nuclear receptor works as if it were a much large sacred geometry tool. The device channels light energy (not visible light) and resonates it with the cavity formed by the dish and the pyramids. The lights is then channeled through the center crystals before being down converted to an energy level more resonant with the person wearing the tool. The manner in which the Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor will resonate with you depends on the type of metal and the crystal. The type of metal and the crystal determine how the universal light energy will be downconverted and what frequencies of light will resonate strongest.

To provide some insight into the uniquely different manner Pleiadians think here are some quotes from Dr Fred Bell’s book “The Promise”:

“Are you saying that sound precedes light? That’s exactly backward from our Earth sciences. “Dear one” Semjase was laughing, “thats why your Terran science is backward”

Dr Fred Bell’s book “The Promise”

And another quote

“Semjase explained that the buildings were structured in such a manner to eliminate sound stresses Their engineers had discovered long ago that every living thing would have a longer life if the sound environment were balanced.”

Dr Fred Bell’s book “The Promise”

The Pyradyne Nuclear Receptors benefits are quite a long list. Anything, which helps balance the body will have a long list of benefits (The Sun, Vitamin D). Some of the reported benefits are:

  • Balances and rejuvenates the body
  • Re-awakens the bodies natural healing capabilities.
  • Reduces Stress the sources of stress
  • Enhances your ability to process negative energies
  • Protects against EMF frequencies from various sources such as cell phones, computers, dirty electricity etc..
  • Kick-starts the bodies detoxication functions
  • Protects you from interference blocking the endocrine, hormone and chakra centers
  • Helps purify and balance the biochemical constituents in the blood, strengthening the emotional/brain mind
  • Biases your mental activity and brainwaves to higher vibratory characistics
  • Assist to increase the vitality of the body and mind
  • Protects the DNA and assists it to express itself in a manner aligned with the universe
  • Improves the quality of your sleep

The team at Pyradyne insists that before purchasing a Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor guidance is used to determine which receptor would work best for you. Some possible forms of guidance are dowsing, body strength tests, or connecting to source and seeking guidance. However, for most people dowsing and body strength tests would be much easier. Especially the body strength tests which required little to no prior training. The Nuclear receptor comes in two styles, one with four legs and one with three legs. Just as how depending on the shape of a pyramid the energy experienced changes. This process is very similar to how the note of a musical instrument depends on the size and material for which it is made. In the same manner the number of legs changes the characteristic of the energy. The four leg Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor is described as having masculine energy, whereas the one with three legs is described as having feminine energy.

The Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor also comes in many metals. Here again your guidance is really key, as each metal will resonate differently. Once again it is like making a musical instrument out of wood, or copper, or iron. If the same shape and size is chosen each will produce a different sound, have a different quality to the instrument. In the same manner the the Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor can be seen as an instrument resonating with you and the Universe.