bio energy pendant

BioEnergy Pendant Review


The internet is littered with pendants to assist you with your energetic support. As the world grows increasingly complex they are need for mobile energetic support grows. The sources of interference that distract us from our being and state of calm are varied. There is dirty electricity, the noise present on electric wires from other electric gadgets. There is the wireless radiation, which is now being transitioned to 5G. There is the pollution in the air from industries, cars, planes. The water is de-natured and lacks its healing vibrancy and potency.

In addition, there are energetic components to the atmospheric pollution.

  • Unconscious psychic attacks from co-workers strangers.
  • Mis-aligned (distorted) energetic grids in your environment
  • The distorted collective consciousness
  • Entities roaming around

They are some pendants that deal well with the electric component of the stress and their are others which deal with the aetheric component. The bio-energy pendant is a energetic healing tool which is quite well rounded. It provides first physical support to the body. The physical support is provided by four emitter placed at the back of it. These must be touching your skin.

The four emitters send out three primary healing waves, these are:

  • Magnetic Energy Emitter – Magnets have often been used in balancing the body and healing. As blood contains iron, it acts as a conductor of magnetic energy in helping to increase the flow of blood and, therefore, increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to tissues. Most of these magnets are generally placed on the wrist. However, with the bio-energy pendant the magnet wrest beside your heart. Therefore allowing all the bodies blood to be batter oxygenated.
  • InfraRed – The body responds well to light. Infra red is known to stimulate healing and relieve pain. The pendant provides a passive infra red light source.
  • Negative Ions – It is well documented that forest feel so amazing partially because of the abundance of negative ions. They also feel amazing because of the strong presence of the consciousness of the trees. The pendant provides a strong portable negative Ions source.

So what was my experience with the bio-energy pendant. Well there is definitely a clear difference with it on and it off. It clearly provides a stabilizing sense to the body. It literally feels like putting on a protective layer when wearing the pendant. The protective layer is quite effective but it not fool proof. You will still feel negative environments, but there was a greater sense of support which allowed me to feel more comfortable in some of the more challenging environments.

The bio-energy pendant really shines in work environments. Work environments are rife with psychic war fare as people do whatever they can to survive. It appears many people have sub-consciously master the art of psychic attacks and psychic control through dominance.

In case you are energetically sensitive or even if you are not, this can be felt as a feeling of heaviness, clouded mind for no reason, a sense of dis-orientation. Heightened stress and a primal need to please the dominating consciousness. The bio-energy pendant lessened these effects. This was quite a surprise to us, as this is not one of its advertised properties. It appears the protection provided by the bio energy pendant goes beyond infrared, negative ions, and magnetism.

These positive effects have been noticed by multiple people. The positive effects have been at times subtle. There are cases when someone in a bad physiological state puts it on, and notices a subtle shift. This shift is strong enough to make a skeptic wonder what is going on. However, you will still feel challenged just more supported.


We definitely recommend the bio-energy pendant