Lakhovsky MWOs Orgonite Pyramid

Orgonite Creations – Lakhovsky MWOs Orgonite Pyramid Review


Orgonite devices have been made very popular as EMF pollution has increased. However, there has also been a lot of controversy around orgonite devices as current science has difficulty understanding them Some people claim the devices shield from EMFs, which can be quickly disproved by using an EMF meter. A way to understand orgonite devices is by realizing that EMFs have two effects. The first effect is the direct effect of the electromagnetic frequency directly interacting with the electrons in your body. This primary effect is slowly being better understood by current science, however has not yet reached mainstream status. Orgonite devices do not reduce the strength of the fields as such there is confusion as to how they work. However, there is always the tried and tested approach of checking how you feel when you use a device.

Some people will claim the perceived benefit is imagined.

  1. Imagined or not it is still a benefit
  2. Nothing is really imagined, all are levels of observation

The secondary way electro-magnetic fields affect their environment is by interacting with other fields of light. This can be explained as throwing a pebble water. A person could be sitting by the beach and a pebble is thrown at the water, it will create waves. In this example the electro-magnetic fields are the pebble and water are the other aspects of energy which surround us. Anyone that has managed to escape the chaos of life for a weekend has felt them. The orgonite device does not block the pebble, but it resonates with the water to dampen the waves created by the pebble.

So how well does orgonite creations energy healing tool work at dampening these waves, we reviewed the medium size energy healing tool. They are two types of Lakhovsky MWOs Orgonite Pyramid energy healing tools: the standard version and the golden version.

First the standard version

When placing the standard Lakhovsky MWOs Orgonite Pyramid energy healing tool in the room there is immediately a slight shift in the energy in the room. It feels at first like a pressure, almost like the energy healing tool is creating its own energy bubble. Placing two fingers above the top of the pyramid and moving them from side to side over the tip, there is an unmistakable pillar of energy emanating from the top of the pyramid. We would not call it subtle. However, if you have never felt energies you may miss it or attribute the change in sensation in your finger to another coincidence. Keep doing it, it is unmistakable. The energy emanating from the pyramid when placing a hand against the pyramid is quite strong, however we would not describe it as smooth. It feels positive but may not be suite for everyone’s field. If you are an avid meditator and have refined your energy field to such an extent where you are constantly emanating perfect balance the pyramid might ruffle your feathers. However, if you find yourself under electro-magnetic assault you will definitely benefit from the added support. Our impression was the pyramid assisted with some components of EMF and provided an added level of protection. The final question was did it create the feeling of being in a harmonious forest in the living room, and the answer is no. It is very helpful but when in a a city with a lot of EMF and other forms of energetic pollution it helps quite a bit, but it is not enough by itself. You will need to continue your regular meditations avidly.

The Golden Version

The Golden Lakhovsky MWOs Orgonite Pyramid energy healing tool has five golden-leaves 24K, emerald’s, sapphire’s, ruby’s swarf and fresh-water pearls large quartz crystal inside. They are 8 big crystal quartzes placed around the coil and semi-precious stones placed in 3 levels. Some of these semi-precious stones are lapis lazuli, carnelian, aventurine, amazonite, amethyst, tourmaline, garnet, hematite, pink quartz, opal, black onyx, citrine, labradorite, fluorite, rutile etc

The golden version is much smoother. Its energy is far more balanced, has tones of rose petals, you can actually feel the energy of calm and abundance emanating from it. When placing your palm against the side of the energy healing tool as slow entertainment through resonance will happen. We sense some of the chaos in our bodies dissolve and be replaced by a sense of balance. The energy healing tool also slightly modifies the environment its in to slightly reduce the entropy, the tendency of things to go towards greater random dis-order. The two materials which give the energy healing tool its beautiful resonant qualities appear to be the gold and the pearls. However, due to the cost of gold and pearls the cost is significantly higher than the standard version. However, the energy qualities are quite good.

Does the golden version give the sense of peace achieved in a forest not quite. However, depending on the level of energy pollution it might be the extra assistance that makes all the difference to your health and well-being. If you feel you need a stronger energetic assistance the Golden Lakhovsky MWOs Orgonite Pyramid energy healing tool comes in several sizes, medium and large. The larger the energy healing tool the stronger the field, however the higher the cost.

Both Lakhovsky MWOs Orgonite Pyramid energy healing tools work really well in a small bedroom. The medium size is best suited to shift the energy of a bedroom and provide more peaceful sleep. For greater effect multiple medium units can be purchased and placed around the bed. However, we recommend using the golden version for its smoother, energetic qualities. The golden version to some might actually feel less powerful by the golden version. However, the energy field strength is identical but the quality is more refined.


We definitely recommend the Lakhovsky MWOs Orgonite Pyramid