VitaJuwel – Via Bottle Five Elements Review


The importance of water is increasingly being recognized by a greater community of people. The quality of water is not simply due to the presence of the right minerals and the absence of contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, and harmful substances. The quality of water is greatly affected by the energetic properties of the water. We have all had bottled spring water and for those with a sensitivity to the flavors of various water it is quite obvious that spring water is superior to most city water. However, bottled water goes through many harsh processes and is often bottled in a plastic container. The plastic container is generally leaching various organic compounds that may harm your health. As such, getting spring water from a plastic bottle is not the preferred approach. Some of us have had the privilege of having going to a healthy spring and drinking water directly from nature. The experience is at first a bit daunting, the mind races wondering what bacteria or viruses could be in the water; where has the water been, what has it touched. However, after the first sip all those fears fade away; they are forgotten and replaced by the subtle feeling of joy. At this moment, whether water has an energetic quality is no longer a question, it has become a realization. You become like Einstein making your first discovery, unsure how to share the realization but comforted by being certain of this truth.

Once having experienced how amazing water can be life becomes a bit less enjoyable and a hint of depression is present whenever having water. Water the most basic and overlooked necessity of life takes on the importance of wine. The journey continues as one realizes that each natural spring has a different quality and property. If you ever happen to be in California, the Mt Shasta spring water is quite spectacular. Many devices have tried to provide the benefits, flavor, but most importantly energetic qualities of spring water. So, how does the VitaJuwel fare. The unique property of the VitaJuwel is unlike other water products it does not try and also filter the water. The VitaJuwel exclusively works on improving the energetic qualities of the water. The approach used by the VitaJuwel is one of the basic principles of energy healing, resonance. Resonance is the property by which one frequency is passed onto someone or something else. We experience resonance everyday in our lives, when we enter our office, a restaurant, a shopping mall, a forest. The key is aware of resonance to use it to your advantage.

So how does the VitaJuwel create resonance?

The VitaJuwel mimics nature and uses crystals and stones to create various energetic signatures found in nature. Every mineral, rock and crystal has a different energetic quality. We are sometimes sub-consciously aware of these qualities and they become catch phrases like: cold as steel. Even though, copper can be just as cold as steel. These crystals together just by being emanate a vibration. In the same manner a happy person emanates a vibration. The strength and quality of the vibration can be improved by selecting the right crystal.

The VitaJuwel has various energetic qualities to choose from. These energetic qualities are determined by the stones, and crystals used to create the resonance. We reviewed the five elements version. VitaJuwel mentions it is enough to leave water in the Via bottle for 5 minutes for the water to be energized. We found five minutes insufficient to truly get the best results. After 5 minutes the water was noticeable improved slightly smoother with a slight sweetness to it. However, after 30 minutes we really so a more significant difference. The water was much smoother. A whole glass of water could be drank quickly without feeling a sense of bloating. It was as if the body becomes a sponge more than willing to drink the energetically reprogrammed water. The sweet quality of the water started becoming much more prevalent. The sweetness is a bit strange to explain it must be experienced. However, if you have a sweet tooth you may not experience the sweetness as the senses have already been saturated by the sugar. The water is extremely hydrating. The first sip of the water felt dry, this is a natural reaction when first experiencing hydrating water. The lack of hydration present in the cells becomes apparent and is experienced as a sense of dryness. However, after consuming the water the sense of dryness is replaced by the awareness of how smooth the water is experienced by the body. The VitaJuwel five elements water also had an energy healing and detoxifying quality to it. You may find yourself taking more bathroom trips. In addition the sense of thurst or needing water throughout the day was greatly diminished.

However, does the VitaJuwel manage to replicate the effect of spring water. It is the best product we have reviewed so far at transmuting ordinary water into a closer cousin of spring water. However, it still does not match spring water directly from the source. Spring water directly from some sources is capable of almost miraculously shifting your mood and placing you in a slight state of joy. The five elements VitaJuwel did have a loving quality and slowly shift the emotional state and provide a greater sense of balance in the body. However, if you have a vibrant natural spring water source nearby keep on using it. However, if you are on the go or without access to natural spring water the five elements VitaJuwel is a great replacement.


We definitely recommend the VitaJuwel Five Elements Via Bottle