Location Location Location – Applies to Spirituality too


We have all heard of people, or been one of those who travel to far away places in search of spiritual growth.  Some of the favorite places are the various sacred placed in India, or the temples in Cambodia, or the vortexes in Arizona, or Machu Phicchu.  The location are varied but the reason is one.  All of us are looking for that place that spot which is closer to the divine, the sacred space.  When we go on such a journey, friends would wonder what is the point of traveling so far for a certain retreat?  Why not just save the money and time traveling and do the work where you are.  In spirituality as well, location location location is everything.

They are many reasons to move to a different location.  A change in scenery is always good, it allows us to be taken out of our familiar box.  We are able to see the world away from the distractions that have kept us stuck in a mental loop.  There is also an energetic reason.  It is not only the people in our life through their beliefs words and actions that distract us from our truth.  The energy in the area we live is full of the anxieties, fears, apprehensions, dreams and aspirations, of our city, state, or country.  These energies hold familiar patterns, many of these patterns of belief we have come to accept as our own.  One day a neighbor may get angry, and go on an hour long tirade; that same day we may feel depressed or anxious bewildered at what may be the cause.  Many on discovering such truth have a sense of anger at the world, but is is just one more manifestation of how we are One.   It is another way in which we communicate with each other.  The energetic influence is often the strongest and it is the one which goes least noticed.  As a result, we seek pilgrimage to an area which has either been blessed by the quest for truth by those who have come before, or has been blessed by the Earth.  In such a sanctuary we find ourselves left with encouraging well wishers (the energy imbued in the area), and a Mirror (our inner search).

For those that can’t quite travel across the globe as often as we would like, they are some alternatives.  The most effective method is to gather a couple 100 like minded individuals and create a spiritual community.  The next best approach is to use various spiritual tools.  It is quite difficult to recreate the peace, space, and presence felt in some of the worlds sacred spots but trying never hurt.  A popular approach is to use sacred geometry.  The pyramid is one of the more popular sacred geometry tools, and can be made more powerful by simply making it bigger or with an appropriate selection of materials.  Another approach is to use radionics machines, or machines which generate negative electricity.  Negative electricity is the term coined by John Bedini to describe the electricity generated by his generators.  Orgone accumulators may also be used however, one must do this with care as negative effects are possible.  Even though, they are many options few come close to producing a sacred space in your living room.  However, all greatly improve your location.