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Resonance and Healing


Resonance – Is a term often used in both the spiritual world and the scientific community.  Resonance is the bridge between these two world it is what allows them to start understanding each other.

Now what is resonance. If you look on wkipedia you will ge the nice long and somewhat dificult to decifer description:  Here is an experpt

In physics, resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate at larger amplitude at some frequencies than at others. These are known as the system’s resonant frequencies (or resonance frequencies). At these frequencies, even small periodic driving forces can produce large amplitude vibrations, because the system stores vibrational energy.  Source: Wikipedia

Another well know metaphor for resonance is that of a tuning fork.  If you take a vibrating tuning fork and place it near another tuning fork the second tuning fork will also start vibrating.  Now this example is not quite what wikipedia had in mind but it is close to the description often used by mystics when they talk about attunement, blessings, etc..  These are a process of tuning a person by placing a larger vibrating tuning fork beside the person.  The larger tuning for may be a mystic master or a crystal frequency being amplified by a radionics machine.  However I will cover attunement in another article.

Resonance can be used for affecting matter.  This is because every object every system, everything in the universe has a resonance frequency or to be more precise a set of resonant frequency.   The resonant frequency can be thought of a frequency at which the basic elements of the object are able to react.  If you go too fast they can not keep up, if you go slower its almost like they can not feel the frequency.  However when you hit the right frequency the basic elements of the object start vibrating too.  This vibration can produce changes within the organization of the object.  In other words, you can change the way the object looks or break the object.

It is like taking a wine glass and getting the correct frequency.  However there are wine glasses everywhere.  It is just that sometimes one object is made up of so many different types of element (bacteria, viruses, red cells, iron, phosphate, etc..) that there is not just one resonance frequency.  There are many.

Since for example human being a made up of so many different types of elements it APPEARS that we don’t behave like a wine glass.  However, even the the body may not appear to resonance cells could be made to resonate.

This video should make resonance clearer:

Resonance and Salt Frequency is everything…

Now since matter reacts to frequency, that means all organisms react to frequency.  Now here is the trick.  The size of the object is proportional to the frequency it react to.

Bridges react to low frequency like bass music. Atoms react to a very high frequency, way beyond what we can hear.

Inventor like Royal Raymond Rife and Hulda Clark have used this concept to create devices to affect cells within the body.  However unlike a wine glass they used electrical frequency to affect cells within the body.  In a similar manner when the correct frequency is applied the cells begin to resonate.  If the cells cannot withstand the resoance just like a wine glass they will break.